Earn with Text Links

How to Make Money Online with Text Link Ads

One of the best sources of income for webmasters and bloggers is a company called Text-Link-Ads.

Text Link Ads is a link brokering network with over 40,000 publishers interested in selling text links to advertisers and big companies.

Their service helps publishers monetize their websites and help advertisers get traffic and build backlinks to increase their search engine optimization rankings.

There are two aspects of using the Text Link Ads service – one is as a publisher and the other is as an advertiser.

Publishers will want to use TLA (Text Links Ads) to make money from their sites and advertisers will want to promote their products and services.

TLA is also used for businesses that use SEO to get traffic and need links to increase rankings.


When you open your account, you will be able to browse through categories that are related to yours. After choosing the category, you come up with the keyword you want your anchor text to be and choose to have your link on one page or sitewide : from there your link will be put up in the site you chose within a couple of days and you will be charged a monthly for as long as you want to run them.

The text link advertisements are either put into a sponsored link area of a website or in other words called InLink Ads: these links are placed within the content rather than placed like a sponsored link.

You should get your links put on individual pages instead of sitewide because search engines do not favor the sale of text links (to artificially boost rankings) and they are trying to track down who are using these kinds of services.


If you have a site that has enough good traffic, solid content, and PageRank of at least 2, you can apply as a publisher to sell links on your site.

If you are approved, all you have to do is follow their instructions and integrate the code on your site: just choose how many links you want to display.

The text links placed on your site will be static to help search engine rankings.


TLA offers much faster payments than other ad networks: the income made this month is paid at the start of next month.

You will be paid anywhere from $10-$50 depending on the PageRank and traffic your site/blog gets: finally the editors of TLA determine how much you get paid per link.

Payment can be sent by check or PayPal: TLA takes 50% of the link price as their fee for getting a link sale.

TLA’s program for publishers is a great way to monetize your site :

sign up to TLA here and there is no doubt this program will help you Make Money Online.